Nikita la Femme Toronto escort on phone


Please fill the contact form listed below. Screening is a must for all first-time suitors. Please provide: your name, date and time of the appointment, a reference from a reputable provider; or your P411/TER/TERB handle.

Alternative screening methods: LinkedIn profile; or a picture of government issued ID (address can be blurred for your privacy)


I take your privacy very seriously and will never share your personal information with anyone else. Screening is important to ensure my safety and our mutual compatibility.

Please be advised that I avoid using any acronyms. I am a strong believer in connecting to people on more personal level however brief our encounter may be. I choose not to reply to any text messages inquiring about my services without passing the screening process first.

Please note that I am always available in Toronto unless specified otherwise. I am available with one day’s notice with appointment

Best way to get in touch with me is by email or text:


Follow me on Twitter: @nikitalafemme11 (I do not accept any inquiries via DM)

Please do not call me as I will not be able to answer phone calls unless they have been prearranged in advance.

Please do not leave a voicemail if I am not available, text or email instead